Writers for Migrant Justice is seeking to raise funds in a rapid response to support migrant and undocumented families in need of dire support. Any donation you make will be split 50/50 between two organizations doing amazing work: Immigrant Families Together, and One Michigan for Immigrant Rights. However, 100% of your donation will go to support families in need. As an added benefit, due to the generosity of anonymous donors, your contribution will be double-matched up to $500, so every dollar you give is really $3 going to these great organizations.

To make your donation, you can:
1. Send money to @WritersForJustice on Venmo** with the note “W4MJ,” or
2. Send your contribution through PayPal** to with the note “W4MJ” or
3. Make your donation in-person by joining us in Ann Arbor on September 4th!

**PayPal charges a fee, so please consider using Venmo first. But, if PayPal is your best option, don't worry! The organizers will be donating the fees-difference to ensure your contribution is whole.

**All digital donations will be collected, split half-way, and given to IFT and One Michigan as lump-sum contributions by us as “Michigan Writers for Migrant Justice.” We've opted to capture and distribute donations this way because this is meant to be a donation you can make at the event, rather than a fundraising campaign since the national W4MJ is already spearheading that on the GoFundMe linked below. This is just a way for Michigan people to send their money in without hassle if they don't have cash on-hand/want a quick way to contribute to IFT and One Michigan on or before September 4th.

If you just want to donate to the national fundraiser, click on the link for the national W4MJ campaign above or below.

Writers for Migrant Justice is a collection of writers coming together to generate funds in rapid response to the state-sanctioned atrocities being faced by migrant families seeking refuge. Flagship protest readings are being held in NYC and Chicago to generate funds for migrant families at the border, and over 45 cities will be conducting sister-city readings on September 4th to offer support. The goal for W4MJ is to generate at least $5,000, and an additional $500 per event.

The Michigan version of the protest reading will take place in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan Diag, and is being facilitated by local writers Sumita Chakraborty, Hannah Ensor, and Tariq Luthun. Due to our proximity to the northern border, we’re seeking to generate funds for both Immigrant Families Together — the key org seeking donations to support migrants at the Southern border — and One Michigan for Immigrant Rights — the org that does similar work for migrant families here in the state. As a result, each donation will be split 50/50 between the two not-for-profit organizations, but 100% of the donations will go to migrant and undocumented families in need of dire support (i.e. your donation won’t go to anything like marketing costs). For more information about the Michigan event, feel free to reach out to us through email. For all questions relating to the national protest, please visit the W4MJ GoFundMe page.