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"As healthcare providers, one of the great joys we have is the honor of experiencing first hand the strength and resilience of children. We see how their laughter, their smiles and their spirit are an important part of the healing journey." -University of Michigan Health System

As a former C.S. Mott Children's Hospital volunteer, I felt beyond blessed to be able to help plan, write, and do the voice-work for this project. This poem and video serve as a modest gift to the patrons of the hospital— the children, their families, and all of their friendsas the close out 2015 and look to begin the year 2016 with renewed vigor. I have almost too many stories to tell from my experience as a volunteer, but they will always be a part of wherever I go.

This poem is as much advice to myself as it is to anyone else. This project ended up winning an Emmy award in the state of Michigan, and that's beyond exciting. Ultimately, I'm thankful for the opportunity to have made this happen, and hope it can bring some joy in the face of pain.





Tariq Luthun, performing his poem about Palestine during prelims at the 2015 Individual World Poetry Slam in Washington, D.C. Recorded by Button Poetry

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